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Dead Sea Salt Bath

Pour 1-2 cups into an empty bathtub.  Use hot water to dissolve the Dead Sea Salt. Stir salt until it has dissolved completely; then mix with warm water.  Make sure your bath water is not TOO HOT.  Now it is time to relax!
- Get into the tub slowly and carefully; the minerals will make the tub slippery.
- Soak your body for 15 to 20 minutes.
- Wash off the minerals with fresh water by taking a warm shower.
-Now rest your mind and body for 30 to 60 minutes.



More than 1-2 cups of salt, or you will detox too quickly, resulting in over exhaustion for several days.  


To take a Dead Sea Salt bath at least ONCE a month and no more than TWICE a month, and take a bath ONLY if needed.

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Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Use a teaspoon size amount of salt to cleanse your hands and a teaspoon size amount for your face.  Likewise, for the remainder of your body. Use to your discretion.
DO NOT USE: On open wounds, or dry cracked skin for it will burn.  Heal the wound(s) and/or dry cracked skin using African Shea Butter first.  Once your skin is healed, then you can use the Dead Sea Salt to deep clean and scrub off unwanted rubbish on your skin.
NOT RECOMMENDED: To scrub your body on a daily basis.  Using Dead Sea Salt Scrub on a daily basis will over-dry your skin.  Scrubbing exfoliates your skin, by taking off dead skin cells while leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean.  It is an excellent aid for acne prone and oily skin, for it draws out the unwanted oils on your skin.  However, acne prone and oily skin may due to eating habits and/or puberty changes.  One must look at them-self to see what may be the cause of their acne.  Remember, you are what you eat!
FOR FACE: ONCE or TWICE a week.  Maintain your skin by using African Black Soap and follow up with African Shea Butter to help heal, moisturize and protect your skin.  African Black Soap is a gentle, chemical free cleanser which deep cleans your face while drawing out impurities.  Use Dead Sea Salt ONLY when needed.
FOR HANDS: THREE times a week.

All of our Dead Sea Salt Body Scrubs have Unrefined Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, and 100% PURE Essential Oils added to offer additional moisturizing, and healing benefits to your skin as you scrub.  Each scrub is made FRESH on the day you order.

Storage and Shelf Life

Salt is packaged in either glass (scrubs) or plastic jars (baths). Keep away from heat and sunlight or salt will liquify. Store in a cool dark place. Never put it in the microwave, or leave it any where near a heat source, and most definitely not in direct sunlight.
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