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Imported from Trinidad, West Indies


Our highly nutritious volcanic mineral mud is scooped up from nature itself. It is sure to cleanse, detoxify, exfoliate, firm and tighten your pores as it softens your skin. Many people use mud to deep clean and condition hair their as well. The mineral-rich mud in Trinidad is high in antioxidants which helps soothe and repair dry, sensitive skin. 


100% Natural - Face and Total Body Care.

Bentonite Clay -vs- Our Volcanic Mineral Mud

The Volcanic Mineral Mud that we have is high in minerals which is very similar to the minerals found in our bodies; therefore, making it a healthier option to absorb into our bodies than Bentonite Clay.

Our Volcanic Mineral Mud is sourced from an ACTIVE underground volcano and not from expired volcanic ash as the Bentonite Clay. It is not crushed into a fine powder substance as the Bentonite Clay.

Our Volcanic Mineral Mud not only opens up the pores and purges toxins from the body, it firms and tightens the skin rendering it highly beneficial for the skin, hence entire body. Our research shows that the Bentonite Clay can actually clog the pores due to the fine powder it comes in.

Bentonite Clay comes in only a powder form. This powder form can be harmful to the lungs if inhaled. It has also been found that Bentonite Clay has trace amounts of lead. 

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Earthly Delight Mineral Mud is packaged in amber plastic bottles. Purchase a 3.5 oz jar below.


Earthly Delight Mineral Mud is packaged in amber plastic bottles. Purchase a 15 oz jar below.


Earthly Delight Mineral Mud USAGE:


Apply to face and neck and/or body, being sure you cover every inch of your skin.  Allow to dry completely (Approx. 15-20 min). Rinse well with warm water.  As the mud dries, lay down and relax for the mud tends to relax you as it detoxifies your skin.


For normal to oily skin, use twice a week, and for dry or sensitive skin, use once a week.  Follow up using our Anago (Black) Soap, then finish off with our Premium RAW Shea Butter.


Your skin will look and feel revived beyond belief.  You have never tried a mud so good!

Mud Volcano

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