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All Natural Shea Butter and Real Black Soap

Original & Authentic African Natural Body Care 

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Quotes Finally, a pure black castor oil that I can rely on. Very good quality. Thanks. Quotes
Black castor oil

Quotes The deodorant stone works great! I dont have any odor and no more allergic reactions that my last deodorant gave me. Quotes
Deodorant works

Quotes Menopause tea, I need it. Can you add it to your website? I bought it at your booth and I'm hooked. Its the only thing working for my night sweats and hormonal outbursts. haha.... Quotes
Menopause tea / hotflashes help

Quotes I love it. I just bought 10 more lip balms to pass out as party favors for my baby shower. The lip balm is fabulous. Do you make special request balms? Quotes
lip balm testimony

Quotes Hi JJ, I bought your new sunscreen product at the green festival in Broward. I tried ordering it and cant seem to find it on your website. Its great! I need some more. This is the only sunscreen I can use that does not burn me. Please add it to your website so others can enjoy this great product. Quotes
Organic Sunscreen not on website

Quotes JJ, where is the organic shaving cream??? Quotes
Shaving Cream Anticipation

Quotes I love the new recipe. It smells like chocolate, yummy. My husband loves it too. I have to hide my jar from him. I like how it melts into your skin and no oil sits on top. I cant wait to see the full results on my face. Will be ordering soon. I recommended a friend of mine, so hopefully she will be ordering soon. Quotes
Tiffany Mason
Supreme Butter new recipe

Quotes I have gone to so many doctors to cure my sons problem with severe dandruff. None of them have ever been able to provide me with anything to help it. I bought your joltified tonic because you had mentioned it would clear it up. I was sceptical at first due to years of doctor failure, yet it worked with one bottle. I cant believe it. I have to send this testimony for anyone else who may be suffering from severe dandruff. I bought the peppermint body wash for him to use and he loves it. It have been over 10 years and finally a $12 bottle of oil fixed it. I paid hundreds of dollars for crap from doctors. Thank you Quotes
Hair oil

Quotes Fast shipping, great customer service. The soaps are great! Can you send samples of the new soap frankincense and myyrrh? I would love to try it. My favorite soap is the patchouli. I will be placing another order soon. Thank you. Quotes
Yvette Ortiz
Products are GREAT!!!!

Quotes I absolutely love your products. Keep up the good work. I saw your little helper at the market, so handsome. He has grown so much. Looks like you have your hands full. Smile Quotes
Love your products
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