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All Natural Shea Butter and Real Black Soap

Original & Authentic African Natural Body Care 

Holistic Health Care


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Quotes I never believed the healing benefits of Shea Butter, until I started using it for my chronic back pain. I have had severe back pain for almost 9 years now and have tried almost everything I can think of. I met the owner who promoted the Shea Butter as a pain relief, and believe me when I say this, IT WORKED WONDERS! My back pain is gone. I highly recommend Shea Butter for those of you who suffer from pain. Quotes
Astounded Customer

Quotes I met Jeanette at the swap shop in Ft.Lauderdale and purchased a quantity of Black soap and raw Shea butter I gave it to my family members in their Christmas packages .We all Love both of the products. I use the soap for everything from head to toe & have even washed clothes dishes & Kiki the wolf with it. Buy some and try it. You'll like it My family accused me of dying my hair as it was turning grey before using this. maybe the black soap I said. I am re-ordering... Quotes
Happy Camper

Quotes coconut oil & shea butter the perfect match! for the hair, skin, we are loyal to these products, when I saw Jahnett in florida at the market with the REAL Shea butter i felt like i was dreaming. we bought that and the coco oil and make the blend to our taste. my skin is soft, hair, clears up my breakouts and it is the best thing for psorisis. and winter dry skin and dry knees, elbow and feet@ Jahnett, we love ur products....the real natural products... Vivy & Matthew Quotes
Matthew & Vivian Hawk Connectionss
coconut oil & shea butter

Quotes I have always had a dandruff problem, and have tried numerous creams and butters, including Shea. I never knew that Virgin Coconut Oil would work to help the severe dandruff problem I had. Organic beauty had recommended Virgin Coconut Oil, and by all means thay were right! Dandruff problem solved. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I have always purchased the Yellow Shea Butter from street vendors believing that it has Palm oil added to it. I was told it would help my Psoriasis problem I have on my feet; however, it never really worked. That is until the day I met the owner of Organic Beauty at a local Farmer's Market in South Florida. She promised me that the WHITE Shea Butter would proobably work much better for my feet than the yellow Shea Butter. So I tried it, and she was right! After 1 week, I noticed a huge difference. Something I have not noticed in years. The Shea Butter Organic Beauty has is absolutely the best. Quotes
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