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All Natural Shea Butter and Real Black Soap

Original & Authentic African Natural Body Care 

Holistic Health Care


We want to hear from you. Please share with us your experience with our employees and how our product(s) worked for you.

Quotes The Coconut Oil worked wonders on my daughters skin fungus. I never believed it at first. I always thought it was a rash until the dermatologist informed me that it was indeed fungus and not a rash. I was not going to use the prescribed cream they gave me, so I took the recommendation of Virgin Coconut Oil and used it on my daughter. It took a couple of weeks to go away. I now use it on a daily basis to keep her skin healthy. Quotes
Great Customer Service

Quotes Love it! These bars are great! Quotes
Love it! Ghana Super Blend Bar

Quotes I dont see black seed butter on website. i bought it from you 2 months ago, and this butter is great. I bought it for my father who has alot of pain in his feet. You suggested it, and it has worked much better than the shea butter alone. I need to reorder. Quotes
Black seed butter

Quotes Hello hun, I would like to share something with you. Back in June 15, 2016 a friend in Jamaica son got burned. I purchased 2 shea butter from you and gave 1 to her so that she can apply it to her son. Here is the outcome. I would like to share pictures with you. Of course she used a prescribed cream by dr for 2 weeks and everything else has been your product. Quotes
Burn - Shea Butter Cure

Quotes Grows my hair - great for stimulation. Feels so wonderful. Oh my goodness! I use it every 3 days. I have already seen my edges grow and hair looks beautiful. Quotes
Joltified Hair Tonic

Quotes I purchased an 8 oz container of the cinnamon twist body butter at the swap shop in Ft. Lauderdale and have been hooked ever since. I was pregnant with my first child and used this butter religiously on my belly twice a day, so much so I had to ordered another 12 oz jar in the middle of my pregnancy. I was also having skin issues during my pregnancy and Mrs. Jahnet suggested I try a sample of her supremely divine butter which seemed to work wonders on my dry blotchy skin. I'm also proud to say three weeks post pregnancy I am still stretch mark free and have since ordered another 12 oz jar to continue to use. I usually make my orders via telephone since I can't seem to order it online and each time Mrs. Jahnet is always a pleasure to speak with. I have since moved to New York and still plan on using these wonderful products. Thank for continuing to offer natural, quality products! Quotes
Satisfied mom

Quotes I have ordered a number of items, coconut oil, shea butter, black soap. Everything is amazing. I suffer from facial break outs and the black soap cleared me right up. And grandmother suffers from dry skin due to chemotherapy, the shea butter made her hands so soft again. Aside from the amazing products, customer service satisfaction is #1, Mrs. Jahnet is the sweetest, and she is super knowledgeable about her products. I have my whole family using the black soap, from Florida to New York. Shipping is also super fast and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this company and there products! Thank you guys, Another Satisfied Customer :) Quotes
Yolanda Hernandez
Love this Company!!!

Quotes The bar soaps you sent are great. Quotes
Wholesale - Ash Soap and Skin

Quotes I see through USPS tracking system that both packages were successfully delivered today. Thank you for the commitment to customer service. The bar soaps you sent are great. Quotes
Rejena with Ash Soap and Skin
100% Raw African Black Soap

Quotes Hello my name is Chauntee' . I have ordered several products that included raw African black soap, Raw shea butter, the supremely Divine Butter, divinely cocoa whipped shea butter, and the whip appeal coconut oil and shea butter. All these items have been fantastic! They are pure and the REAL DEAL! I've tried shea butter from various other vendors and this company's butter is by far the best! I plan to order many more items from them! Quotes
They are pure and the REAL DEAL!
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